Welcome to NapaGrill - Heaven to lovers of all things grilled.

NapaGrill – best meat in town

The Napa Grill Restaurant is a premium steakhouse with an upscale, stylish ambiance and the highest standards of product quality and service.

NapaGrill maintains personal and friendly contact with the producers. The Napa Valley wines, whether on the open or bottled, all come from family businesses that share the same passion for wine as the NapaGrill initiators.

The culinary concept at Napa Grill is straightforward and consistent – molecular gastronomy can be found elsewhere.

Client: NapaWine AG
Date: 10. October 2017
Services: Web Development

An Unconventional Website…

…for an unconventional restaurant. This was the challenge posed to the designer. He delivered a design, unconventional in terms of both, the layout and the navigation, which was then transformed by us to a template.

The Website is based on WordPress and has some nice features that add efficiency to the restaurant’s daily business such as, for example, a reservation system and a newsletter application tool (directly connected to MailChimp).