World class wines!

Client: NapaWine AG
Date: 1. December 2016
Services: Website Design, UX

NapaWine is a matter of the heart. A few crazy and wine loving friends put their passion for the high wine art of the Napa Valley into a project. wants to establish itself as a specialist for Napa wines. Ten founding partners rely on class instead of mass.

Today’s perception of Californian wines from the Napa Valley is wrong and unjustified despite the Judgment of Paris of 1976 and other major successes in blind tastings. There are now more than 1,600 vineyard slopes and almost 800 registered producers in the small Napa Valley. But the total of 100 million produced wine bottles represent only 3% of the total production of the US!

Some big wine producers rely on tourists and mass production along the famous Highway 29 from Napa to Calistoga. But the vast majority of winemakers and producers are doing exactly what we are looking for and love: for the love of wine and with the utmost focus on the best quality of the grapes and fermented grape juice. Out of passion and not out of greed to maximize profits. NAPAssion! is based on WordPress. It contains a e-commerce system and is directly connected to MailChimp.