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We used to attribute teaching, healing and judicial functions to older people. They enjoyed a special respect as counselors, experienced people and as transmitters of traditions. Their years of experience made them valued and respected masters of their respective crafts. With the rapid social and technological change, the value of this experience, unfortunately, faded into the background. Disregard of age and role loss are the result. Today, the younger generations ask Google.

Client: panBlue GmbH
Services: Web Development


Exchange between Generations

Rentnerado is backed by three young entrepreneurs who met and made friends during their studies at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Their vision is a world in which an exchange between generations takes place. Rentnerado enables younger generations to participate in the life experience, know-how and skills of retirees.

At Rentnerado, as an intergenerational community, for example, complex tasks in the fields of finance, accounting, engineering or language skills can be solved by a retiree. Loving gardening is also offered, or when it comes to walking the dog. With a steadily growing number of users, it was soon possible for registered retirees to receive orders via Rentnerado. Today, Rentnerado offers easy access to valuable know-how and many years of experience in over 465 Swiss municipalities.